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In Akalki we are developing a sustainable model permanently. We have chosen to live, think and act responsibly with ourselves and with the environment that surrounds us.

We practice a compromise in every work we undertake.

These are our efforts toward sustainability.


We developed an architecture according, friendly to the environment to which we borrowed him the necessary elements to build our cabins, palapas, gardens and common areas.

Power consumption

We minimize energy consumption to assist in reducing our carbon footprint.
We understand that there are no electrical contacts in rooms may represent some discomfort guests, but we are sure that is a minor annoyance, compared to the positive change we've all begun to generate.

Energy production

To co-generate electricity through solar panels, we are helping to feed the network at the time that the produce.
We take advantage of new opportunities, help our country and we are to meet our own energy needs.

Environmental Awareness

We have environmental awareness. Every day we learn and know more about it, for this reason we have set ourselves the pleasure of sharing it with all who work in Akalki and the people of our community.

Environmental awareness is the beginning of big changes ahead.

Solid Waste Management

We have learned to reduce the levels of waste we generate in Akalki. We reduce packaging when buying, re use objects before disposing solid waste and recyclable; as glass, cardboard or metal, separate them and store them in the storage facility, and then sent to specialized tanks for recycling.

Fresh organic waste going to give our compost, same feeding and nursery Orchard. Hence, harvest fruits and vegetables thereafter be in the kitchen and on our plates.

Wastewater Management

We care because the water is the most precious resource that we. In Akalki use digesters to treat sewage and wetland systems to treat greywater, re filtered gray water use for watering the garden, nursery and gardens.

We are all invited to take note of what constitutes, to have respect and love for her and take care for our enjoyment.

Akal Ki Centro Holístico
Akal Ki Centro Holístico
Akal Ki Centro Holístico
Akal Ki Centro Holístico